Overseas Pakistanis Foundation Press release

(Web Desk) Minister of state for overseas Pakistanis and human resource development(OPs& HRD) Abdulbrehman khan kanju inaugurated Overseas Pakistanis Foundation’s(OPF) e-learning initiative that would conect students from the remote areas of pakistan to highly qualified teachers through the use of Information Technology. OPF is offering the children of overseas Pakistanis living in remote areas of pakistan to pursue the best possible education. OPF, in a landmark achievement became the first ever public sector educational institution to incorporate technology by enabling teachers at one particular OPF institute to deliver lectures to a network of classrooms at other remotely located OPF institutes through e-learning. OPF chairman board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik said the foundation’s main objective is to promote quality education among all educational institutes.

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