Maryam Nawaz strongly criticises Khawaja Asif incident

(Web Desk) – Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s leader Maryam Nawaz on Saturday strongly criticized the unpleasant incident in Sialkot where a person threw ink on the face of Khawaja Asif during Pakistan Mulsim League Nawaz’s (PMLN) workers convention.

She took to twitter and said, All those who are indulged in such acts and those who make such things happened should be ashamed.

Responding to the unpleasant incident, Asif termed it a premeditated move while stating that money was given for the the deplorable task.

“Such incidents can’t weaken me. Sialkot has elected me multiple times and will do same in the future”, asserted Asif.

Later, Asif directed officials not to take action against the offender.

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