Iran urges int’l efforts to end violence against Rohingya Muslim community

TEHRAN (Sarzameen News)- Iranian Foreign Ministry on Friday urged diplomatic efforts to tackle the conditions of Rohingya Muslims.

The Iranian Permanent Mission to the UN has been ordered to pursue the issue of Rohingya Muslims in talks with the international bodies and his counterparts from Muslims nations, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi said, according to Tasnim news agency.

Besides, “Iran has tried to establish contacts with the Myanmar government via its accredited ambassador to Thailand in a bid to pave the ground for sending Iran’s humanitarian aid to Rohingya Muslims by Red Crescent Society,” Qasemi said.

“Unfortunately the government of Myanmar has not issued the necessary permission for the dispatch of humanitarian aid despite diplomatic contacts,” Qasemi said.

Iranian embassy in Bangladesh has also made contacts with the Dhaka to prepare the ground for sending humanitarian aid to the Rohingya refugees, he said.

The spokesman referred to Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif diplomatic efforts and said Iran is determined to help the Rohingya Muslims.

The Rohingya, one of the world’s largest stateless communities, are fleeing in droves toward Bangladesh, trying to escape the latest surge of violence in Rakhine state between a shadowy militant group and Myanmar’s army.

The UN refugee agency said that more than 3,000 Rohingya Muslims had reached Bangladeshover the past days.

On Friday, Iranians staged rallies across the country to condemn the “massacre” of Rohingya Muslims.

In the capital Tehran, demonstrators condemned, in a resolution read at the end of the rally, the “silence by the international circles and heads of Islamic countries on the crimes committed against Rohingya Muslims.

They also called for the dispatch of fact-finding committee to the region.

Besides, Iranian foreign minister on Friday said that the international community and Islamic countries expect the government of Myanmar to put an immediate end to the ongoing violence against Rohingya Muslim community.

Iran expects Myanmar to allow unhindered access of humanitarian assistance to the violence-hit regions, Zarif said in his letter written to Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres.

The powers responsible for the atrocities in Myanmar should be brought to justice, he said, urging the government of Myanmar to take necessary measures to prevent the recurrence of violence in the future.

“It is disappointing that such minimum global demands are yet to receive a proper response,” Zarif said.

On Thursday, Iran’s foreign minister criticized the international community for remaining silent on the violence towards Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

“The international community has no excuse to allow the genocide of Rohingya Muslims to continue in front of our eyes,” Press TV quoted Mohammad Javad Zarif as saying.

Zarif urged prompt international action to address the plight of Rohingya Muslims, saying “we must act now before it is too late.

Iranian Red Crescent Society said on Thursday it had set up a working group to help the Myanmar Muslims following an order by President Hassan Rouhani.

Hamid Jamaloddini, the Society’s spokesman, said consignments of vital relief aid and medical items are ready to be dispatched to Myanmar.

He also expressed readiness to help relocate those in urgent need.

Rouhani on Wednesday urged the Myanmar government to put an end to “vicious crimes” against Rohingya Muslims.

On Thursday, Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) voiced readiness to provide whatever support is necessary to the persecuted Muslims of Myanmar, and condemned the ongoing violence against Rohingya as part of an “organized anti-Islamic plot” that could mark a genocide in the history.

In a statement, the IRGC said that the Islamic world and the international organizations are duty bound to address such persecution of Rohingya Muslims.

“The gruesome crimes of extremist Buddhist groups and the Myanmar army against Rohingya Muslims… spell an organized anti-Islamic plot that, if not stopped, would result in another major genocide in the history of humanity,” the statement said.

The IRGC called on the Muslim people in Iran and the other Islamic countries to launch an “effective international campaign” against the crimes in Myanmar.

The IRGC is prepared to take part and have a role in any plan to help the Muslims affected and displaced in Myanmar, it said, urging the Iranian administration to “activate the revolutionary diplomatic means and use the capacities and will of the international community and other Muslim countries… to rescue the Rohingya Muslims who are mostly Sunnis.

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