Independence Day treat: Indian couple receives treat from anonymous Pakistanis

DUBAI (Sarzameen News)- Pakistan and India celebrated their respective independence days with much fanfare earlier this week.

With the youth of both the countries having recently engaged in a mutual peace-promoting initiative, in which they sang each other’s national anthems, there has been much talk of how the people of both the nations are making renewed efforts to bring the two countries closer together, despite growing tensions at the state-level.

A report narrating a similar incident has been making rounds on the social media. An Indian couple in Dubai received a surprise treat from anonymous. Pakistanis on Pakistan’s Independence Day, when their bill was paid at a restaurant.

According to Khaleej Times, Christine and Ajay were on their way for a check-up at a hospital, when they dropped in at a nearby Pakistani restaurant.  “We knew it was the Pakistani Independence Day and so we greeted the waiter and some people eating at the restaurant. We even had a warm conversation with an elderly Pakistani gentleman on the adjacent table,” Christine said

The couple ordered their favorite Pakistani food haleem, and also ordered the dish of the day, which most of the people were having in the restaurant. “We ordered our food with a lot of joy as we always do. Ajay even joked that he broke Usain Bolt s 100m record on the haleem.

“We finished our meal and asked for the bill. After much delay, he reluctantly came back and said shyly,  Your bill has been taken care of .

The astonished couple enquired about who paid for their bill and were told that it had been settled by two Pakistani Pathan gentlemen, who sat a few tables away from them.

This act of kindness left Christine and her husband ‘teary eyed

“We couldn t thank them personally as they had long gone. All they told the waiter was that they liked the way we spoke and were simply happy to see us enjoying Pakistani cuisine. This random act of kindness really touched us. Life is complex but it s the simple things that people do that make your day. It also helps you shift your perspective towards hope and positivity.

The Indian couple thinks this unexpected treat was due to two things “their love and expression of fondness for Pakistani food”.

“Yes, we are divided as countries but we fought the same struggle for Independence. Today, we learnt that the world becomes a better place when we treat each other with respect and kindness, irrespective of circumstances.

“On that note, here s wishing my Pakistani friends a happy Independence Day, and special wishes and prayers for the two gentlemen for treating us to a full meal of kindness. May God bless you, wherever you are,” said Christine.

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