Punjab witnesses eight to ten hours of power cuts amid scorching heat

LAHORE,(sarzameen news): Loadshedding in Punjab, including Lahore, has gone up to eight to tenhours as summer arrives with scorching heat.


The unannounced loadshedding in Lahore, which started from Saturday on weekend, continues on Sunday as well.


Furthermore, unscheduled loadshedding in Multan, Faisalabad and other cities of Punjab is also going on which has increased the difficulties of people, particularly children and elderly persons. Commercial as well as domestic works are being greatly affected by the power cut.


Loadshedding in urban areas is as much as eight to ten hours per day, whereas, the duration is even longer in the rural areas.


The electricity shortfall has reached 3900 megawatts as power requirement is 15800 MW and its production is just 11900 MW.

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