Blind girl sets example for others by doing PhD

MULTAN (Sarzameen News) – Blind girl Shahida Rasool has proven that disability cannot become a barrier in success if one is courageous enough to pursue one’s dreams.
Shahida Rasool, who lost her vision when she was three-month-old, has created an example for others by completing PhD in Urdu from International Islamic University, Islamabad.
Shahida started her education from her small town and did M.A and MPhil from Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan.
Shahida’s research topic in PhD was cultural and social study of female characters in Urdu dramas.
Shahida Rasool is serving now as a lecturer in Women University Multan.
She is a role model not only for blind girls, but also for the seeing. She has taught everyone that any hurdle can be passed through confidence, determination and hard work.

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