Imran Khan throws weight behind CPEC

SWABI (Sarzameen News) – PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, backed the multi-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and said CPEC will be a project which will change the future of the coming generations.
Addressing a public meeting in Swabi, Imran Khan, however, said it is not just PTI but all parties in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa are saying that KP is not getting its due share in CPEC.
“I want to congratulate you on the CPEC. The project is not a name of a road but an economic zone. This CPEC is a glorious gift from Allah for Pakistan. Its a golden opportunity for us to alleviate poverty,” the PTI chief said.
“China has launched this to develop their Western region which is currently lagging behind its Eastern Region. China making CPEC to lift their western areas and we must also do the same to lift our deprived areas,” he told the gathering.
He said China has always been a friend of Pakistan and it has always stood by us in difficult times, adding that “Our issues related to CPEC aren’t with China rather with the federal government.”
“China is and will always remain our friend. We do not have anything against them,” Imran Khan maintained.
At the same time the PTI chief continued his criticism at Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also in the context of CPEC.
“Nawaz Sharif promised to KP people in APC that CPEC will benefit KP people but later back tracked,” he claimed, adding MoU for CPEC was signed in 2013, but it was disclosed in 2016 and they made it a “family affair.”
He demanded of the gov’t to disclose all the terms of CPEC and said Sharifs treat the CPEC like their “personal deal” with information not being made public about it.
“It’s a golden opportunity to lift Balochistan via CPEC and overcome their concerns. We can help progress our downtrodden with this opportunity,” he went on to say.
Talking about Balochistan, Imran Khan said the province is facing the crisis because their people believe they didn’t get their due rights.
“It’s federal government’s responsibility to give all the provinces their due rights. Gas discovered in Balochistan but Baluchistan itself gets deprived of it,” he said.
He claimed that Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif go and meet investors leaving aside the CMs of the rest of the provinces.
“I request CM KP Pervez Khattak to invite the CMs of the smaller provinces and demand their fair due ago,: Khan said.
Talking about the country’s situation he said the status of Pakistan could raise the living standard of the very poor if the governments had worked for it.
“45% children don’t reach their maximum height because of malnourishment. Today it is a shame that the rich will protect the rich, like Zardari coming for Nawaz, but no one will come to rescue the poor,” he said.

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