Indian Home Minister warns to divide Pakistan

NEW DELHI (Sarzameen News) – Home Minister of India Rajnath Singh has warned Pakistan in a direct statement of dividing the country.

While making a false claim, he said that Pakistan was making attempts to destabilize India.

“Pakistan was divided in two parts, if it doesn’t realize soon, it will be divided among ten parts”, Rajnath Singh said in a fanatical caution to Pakistan on Sunday.

Adding to his baseless claims, he made false allegations against Pakistan of ceasefire violations on Line of Control (LoC).

Apparently, the Narendra Modi government in India has been mistaken by Pakistan’s silence by considering it as a weakness.

The Indian Home Minister has also blamed Pakistan of worsening the ties whereas it was India who actually refused to attend the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) conference.

“Though India got divided on the basis of religion in 1947, still our hearts do not accept it as we believe that everybody, whether Hindu or Muslim, born and living in India are brothers,’’ he said.

“However, Pakistan wanted to secede Jammu and Kashmir from India through terror, but it was mistaken that it can get India divided again on the basis of religion, he added while sending a loud and clear message that there will be no further division of the country on the basis of religion,” he claimed.

Pakistan has invited India numerous times for peace talks but the neighboring country pays no head of settling the issues.

Extending a hand of cooperation to Pakistan in fight against terror, Union Home Minister said that the Modi government will take along everybody on the path of development and progress.

In this context, he said that while countries worldwide are worried about ISIS, the Islamic State has not been able to find any ground in India. “Being Home Minister of India, I know the truth and I can say it that ISIS has not been able to get a foothold in India…Its credit goes to the Muslims of India and the followers of Islam,’’ he added.

“People may not be aware that if anyone’s children get radicalised, they approach us for help…If they go outside (country), they inform us,’’ Home Minister said, adding that two-three families had even met him with a request to do something in the matter. “We need to understand this sentiment also,’’ he said.

Pointing out that Pakistan cannot understand it, Singh said that perhaps it does not know that India is the only place in the world which is home to all the 72 sects mentioned in Islam. Pakistan whose own existence came into being after the 1947 partition of India on the basis of religion, got divided with the creation of Bangladesh in 1971.

He asked Pakistan to stop aiding and abetting terrorism against India, adding that if it did not mend its ways then it may again get divided into “ten” parts. However, “India will not be behind the further division of Pakistan as history is witness to the fact that the former never has expansionist intentions and it always believed in universal brotherhood,” Indian media quoted him as saying.

“We understand the reality that Pakistan is our neighbour and that friends may change in life, but not the neighbourers,’’ Singh said. Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee repeatedly said it during his tenure, but Pakistan did not understand even his language, he said, adding that it had four wars with India only to get defeated everytime. “Even after 1999 Kargil war, Vajpayee extended a hand of friendship towards Pakistan…He even went to Pakistan, but how it reciprocated…repeated ceasefire violations,’’ Singh pointed out.

Referring to the presence of all the heads of neighbouring countries on the swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister Narendra Modi government, Singh said, “We have invited Nawaz Sharif not only for shaking hands but to have unity of hearts’’.  “Not only this, breaking all protocols, our Prime Minister went to Pakistan to attend a family function of Nawaz Sharif,” he pointed out.

“Pakistan should have understood our (good) intentions, but it did not,’’ he regretted, asking “what it wants? What shall we do?’’ he said, adding that “every time we place our heart before it so that we can live in peace for development of each other and all other neighbouring countries’’.

“However, it repeatedly indulges in its sinister activities,’’ he regretted. “What it has given us in lieu of our broad heartedness?’’ Singh asked and himself gave the reply in the same breath, “They gave us Gurdaspur, they gave us Pathankot and the Uri’’. Terrorists attacked Indian troops in Uri in a cowardly manner, but the latter also carried out surgical strikes across the LoC and gave a message that they were capable of killing them (terrorists) there (Azad Kashmir) as well, Singh alleged.

Extending a hand of cooperation to reign in terrorists, the home minister said,” If Pakistan is unable to control terror and want help from us in the matter, then India is ready to cooperate. But let Pakistan, at least, ask for it,’’ he said, adding that “it was not prepared to do so’’.

“What shall we do?….How many times we open the doors of our hearts?’’ he asked, adding that “today also, though Pakistan may not have cooperated with us, but we want to live in peace and amity with it. We want peace, but we will not compromise with terrorism at any cost,” he alleged.

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