Nisar should focus on Panama Papers, not Bilawal’s age: Chandio

HYDERABAD (Sarzameen News) – As the rift widens with Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali, the Pakistan People’s Party has called on the federal minister to focus on Panama Papers rather than the age of Bilawal Bhutto.
Sindh Information Advisor, Maulabux Chandio, while addressing journalists on Saturday, said that, “Chaudhry Nisar should focus on the issues which matters such as the Panama Papers.”
He questioned why Nisar has silent on the matter and had called it the personal matter of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He said that they cannot hide and the Panama Papers will continue to haunt the Prime Minister. He said that they deep respect for the judiciary, but the premier will have to face accountability now.
Chandio accused that some federal ministers were not the well-wishers of the Prime Minister, and were working against the interests of the government and weakening the federation. He accused that the interior minister only answers those questions in press briefings which he seems suitable.
He said said that Nisar should not be ashamed if anyone including Bilawal Bhutto calls him as chacha (uncle). “Why is Chaudhry Nisar furious when someone calls him an uncle?” he questioned.
He also said that Bilawal was young but they were not ashamed of it. He reminded that even Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was young when he joined politics and swept the Chaudhrys in election.
“Even Benazir Bhutto was called immature but she has left an indelible mark in politics.” he said. Chandio expressed optimism and said that Bilawal will succeed in politics and will serve the nation.
He said that this was just the beginning and already Nisar was furious over the rise of Bilawal. He said that the PPP was still alive in Punjab and Bilawal will soon visit the province. “Chaudhry Nisar should already frightened over the impending visit of Bilawal,” he said.
Regarding the appointment of new Governor Sindh Justice (retd) Saeeduz Zaman Siddiqui, he said it was an embarrassment for the federal government to have appointed a veteran old man for the position.
He added that there were no pre-condition in speaking with the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf but it needs to tone its rhetoric against the party and realise the need to give due importance to the PPP.

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